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BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEE is a person appointed by a bankruptcy judge through the resolution on opening of  bankruptcy proceeding or a person designated by the bankruptcy creditors on the Assembly in accordance with their rights.

Terms of appointment for the trustee are determined by Article 20 Bankruptcy Law. The bankruptcy administrator performs the complex process of managing
people's property in the name of the court conducting the proceedings. For this reason, trustee work can be performed by a competent individual who has completed a university degree, professional examination for the trustee, owns the business experience needed to conduct bankruptcy proceedings and is on a list of bankruptcy trustees. List of trustees is determinated by Minister of Justice and is published in the "Official Gazette". Once prepared list can be amended. The procedure of including and deleting from the list of trustees will be determined by Minister of Justice by a special by-law.

Bankruptcy trustee represents the debtor, and if the debtor continues to operate during the bankruptcy proceedings, the business is run by bankruptcy trustee. Bankruptcy trustee is obliged to treat their work responsibly and with care. Work of bankruptcy trustee is oversaw by the bankruptcy judge, a committee of creditors and assembly of creditors, which are authorized to request information or reports about the current situation and management at any time.

If the bankruptcy trustees do  not act in accordance with the  orders of the bankruptcy judge to take some of the actions referred to in Article 25 Bankruptcy law, bankruptcy judge can punish or dismiss them, and appoint a new trustee. Responsibilities and dismissal of the bankruptcy administrator are determined in Article 28 and 27 Bankruptcy Law.

The bankruptcy administrators are obliged to invoice creditors upon completion of their duty and are entitled to reaward for their work and the compensation of actual costs.

Details: Bankruptcy Law (Official Gazzette 44/96)

Names of trustees published on the website Judges Web are extracted from the official list published by the Ministry of Justice and with each modification of the official list, list of the Judges Web is being updated. For each trustee an individual website was created, containing their contact information, review of the bankruptcy proceedings that have led and are currently leading and the European CV. In this way, this project contributes to the fight against corruption through the strengthening of transparency in the area of awarding and managing of the insolvency proceedings. On the other hand, by the publication of trustees CV in European format, Judges Web provides an opportunity for all trustees and their competencies are available on the Internet and thereby enable the diverse appointment of trustees for each bankruptcy proceeding.

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