Another Judge
The non-governmental association Judge's web is going to promote its most recent project in the area of introduction of information technologies into the Croatian judiciary system at the Town Council Premises, on Wednesday, 26th May. more >>
Vesna Skare-Ozbolt announced acquisition of Judge
Vesna Skare-Ozbolt, the new Minister of Justice may have more sensitivity to efficient resolving of numerous judiciary problems compared to its predecessor Ingrid Anticevic-Marinovic.more >>
Judgments available for every one on Internet
On the web site of the Judge's web association judgements and sentences accessible for judges free of charge for the time being / Our project of an public announcement of judgements and sentences on the Internet supported by the Ministry of Justice, but the Supreme Court says that we should establish a special commission to allow announcement of judgements and/or sentences on the Internet, said Drazen Komarica. Judge's web Presidentmore >>
Norwegian Gift to the Supreme Court
Through mediation of Mr Drazen Komarica and the Judges Web organization, the judges of the Supreme Court got yesterday, from the Norwegian Government, literature in value of 10,000 EUR.more >>
Civil Society Institutions - Judges Web
Making use of all the advantages of the 21st century medium - the Internet, a group of young people has made a major breakthrough in the implementation of the constitutional principle of public accessibility of court practice, making the operation and organization of courts more transparent for the general public.more >>
JUDGES WEB up against a brick wall
After four years of work, the project ofpublication of court decisions on the Internet seems to he doomed and its disappointed author is about to go back to the United States.more >>
"Paviljon" full of relaxed attornyies at law
During humid eraly afternoon hours on Tuesday, 26 June, the fancy restaturant «Paviljon» welcomed the members of Judge's web, an organised group of ambitious people that have crated a system for improvement of the judiciary administrationmore >>
Called Judge's Web, the project is an online network and database designed to serve courts of law throughout the country and make the standard of the legal process more uniform.more >>
Court decisions to be placed on the Internet
The website project "Judges Web", one of the IT solutions that should improve and speed up court practices in Croatia, was presented on Tuesday at the restaurant "Paviljon" in Zagreb.
more >>
A new era in the Croatian Judiciary
A young American expert. Drazen Komarica. finished the project Judge's web that will resolve the bottle neck at Croatian Courts.more >>
Project "Judges Web"
Last Thursday Microsoft Croatia hosted the presentation of the "Judges Web" project, expected to improve the judicial system in Croatia. As pointed out by one of the authors of this project, Mr Drazen Komarica, "Judges Web" is supported by the Ministry of Justice and several international institutions and Microsoft Croatia has provided help with their expertise and software support.more >>
250.000 dollars for the informatization of five courts
Mr Drazen Komarica, President of the Judges Web organization, met yesterday the Assistant Minister of Justice, Mr Bozidar Rumenjak, to talk about the project of providing aid for the courts in areas affected by the war in Croatia.more >>
Association Judge
The Ministry of Justice expressed its positive appraisal of the Judge's web project that has been trying to implement the most recent information equipment into operation of Croatian courts, especially placed in regions struck by the war with the help of the UNSAIDmore >>
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