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Judges Web is a non-govenment and non-profit organisation established in 1999. and seated in Zagreb. It has been constituted by the judges and legal experts as an answer to demands from legal professionals aimed at more efficient Court work backed by modern informatics and in alignement with set guidelines and responibilities taken up by the Croatian Government based on principles of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

During the past 10 years a successfull cooperation was attained with the Government of the Republic of Croatia, especially with the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior Affaires, Ministry of Foreign Affaires and European Integrations, Croatian Parliament, Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia, High Comercial Court of the Republic of Croatia as well as with the Municipa Courts, County Courts of the Republic of Croatia and Central State Office for e-Croatia.

With its initial project of publishing Municipal and County Courts judicial practice on web portal the Judges Web has enabled transparent insight into Court work and judicial practice. The continued cooperation with above mentioned bodies has brought numerous projects to realisation:

  • Web data base of Court Interpreters in the Republic of Croatia
  • Web data base of Court Expert Witnesses in the Republic of Croatia
  • Web bankruptcy – specialised web page on bankruptcy and sales of assets in bankruptcy procedures
  • Jurisdiction search engine covering Municipal, County and Commercial Courts in the Republic of Croatia, District Attorneys Offices and Police Stations.
  • Providing primary free legal aid to Croatian citizens and foreigners which costs in total or partially are covered by the Republic of Croatia taking into account their material position
  • Publishing the High Commercial Courts decisions
  • Publishing the practice of European Court of Justice 
  • Digitalisation of directives and instructions for police work
Judicial reform, data transparency, fight against corruption and raising the level of trust towards works of judicial bodies are some of the main goals for our projects.

The Judges web has expanded its activities to the region by opening the office in Serbia (2005.) and Macedonia (2007.) in willingness to furhter transfer knowledge and experiences within the scope of regional cooperation.

The Judges web team is made of young, creative experts who wish to promote their experiences acquired on large number of realised projects furhter in the region and wider.

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