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novi_list_online_31052005.jpgZAGREB - If you want to find out some facts about a certain judge, check in advance where in the court building you can find the court room you have to go to, find a court decision you are interested in - that kind of information is now available at the website of the non-governmental organization Judges Web. Mr Dražen Katunarić. President of the Judges Web organization estimates that the present value of this project that has been realized from donations coming from Norway, the Netherlands, USA, Canada and OESS, amounts to about 2.9 mil. EUR.

Based on the contract signed yesterday between Mr Katunarić and the Minister of Justice, Mrs Vesna Škare Ožbolt, that Ministry will take over and become the owner of the Judges Web. The Ministry of Justice got 76 mil. HRK for this, which is more than ever before and 60% more than last year., 31.05.2005.
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