Norway donated Euro 10,000 to the Supreme Court

vjesnik_17072003.jpgZAGREB, on Wednesday, 16in July - At the Centre for expert education and training of judges and other judicial officials, a donation of the Kingdom of Norway for judicial officials in the amount of Euro 10,000 was awarded at a ceremony. The amount was used for the purchase of professional legal literature for the Supreme Court. 
The Norwegian Ambassador, Knut Toraasen, said that this was the first, but not the last donation of the kind, reminding on the fact that the Norwegian aid to Croatia for different projects amounted to approximately Euro 12 million. He expressed his support to democratic development of Croatia. 
Minister of Justice, Ingrid Anticevic-Marinovic emphasised that legal literature was always welcome since laws were changing very often. Jakob Mifetic, the Supreme Court Deputy Chief Justice, emphasised that it was very important that the professional literature was intended exactly forjudges since it was essential for their work. B.B.

Vjesnik, 17.07.2003.

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